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Spirit of Hope...Where Faith and Life Come Together



Spirit of Hope
Where Faith is a Journey Not a Guilt Trip

So many of us are looking for a place to experience love.
A place to meet God.
A place to belong.
Too often the church has been the place that turned us away because:
we were the wrong color
 the wrong sexual orientation
 or simply because we wore the wrong clothes
What we want is:

A New Kind of Church

What would church look like if:

 We weren’t afraid to ask questions


Everyone really was welcome

That's the kind of church we want to be

and we invite you to help us become that church

Join us in the coming weeks as we explore

Reclaiming Jesus' Message for Everyone

Check it out for yourself at our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/SpiritofHopeBeloit 

or on facebook





10:05 at Beloit Memorial High 

 Meet and Eat- 9:35am

Kid's Konnections (Nursery & Elementary)
is Available During the Service.

For More Info call or email us 





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You can read more about us in the Beloit Daily News














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Do you have questions about God

you were told not to ask?





Do you have doubts and uncertainties





you’ve been afraid to share?





Are you skeptical about all this God stuff?





Are you tired of a church that seems to





exclude many instead of including everyone?





Then we invite you to join us at





Spirit of Hope





a community of faith where we feel it’s ok to have

questions and doubts, because we have them too.






Join us for our Next Series




as we explore





“Reclaiming Jesus' Message for Everyone”





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